Office of the President

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Advisory Council on the Arts

Rachel K. Berg ’93, P’23, Co-Chair
Lisa R. Eisenpresser ’89, Co-Chair

Advisory Council on Athletics

Lisa M. Caputo ’86, P’26, Chair

Advisory Council on Biology and Medicine

Alexes Hazen ’87, ’96 M.D, P’18 ’20 Sc.M., Chair

Advisory Council on the Carney Institute for Brain Science

Nancy G. Zimmerman ’85, P’20, Chair

Advisory Council on the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice

Spencer R. Crew ’71 Ph.D., P’00 '04, Chair

Advisory Council on the College

Christian J. Anthony ’96, Co-Chair
Shalinee Sharma ’99, Co-Chair

Communications Advisory Council

Scott B. Meyer ’91, P’26, Chair

Advisory Council on Computing and Information Technology

Eileen M. Rudden ’72, P’03 ’07 ’11, Chair

Advisory Council on Economics

Alexandra Garbers Pruner ’83, Chair

Advisory Council on Engineering

Julie Lassonde EMBA’18, P’24, Chair

Advisory Council on Entrepreneurship

Jonathan M. Nelson ’77, P’07 ’09, Chair

Advisory Council for Hassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute

Advisory Council for the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Ken Rivlin ’87, P’19, Chair

Advisory Council on Internships

Andrea Terzi Baum ’83, P’15 ’18 ’21, Co-Chair
Genine M. Fidler ’77, P’04 ’12, Co-Chair

Advisory Council on the Library

Mary R. Minow ’80, Chair

Advisory Council on Relations with Tougaloo College

Jessica E. Brooks ’93, Co-Chair
Marshala R. Lee ’11 M.D., Co-Chair

Advisory Council on the School of Public Health

Brian A. McCarthy Jr. ’81, Chair

President’s Leadership Council

Sloan Lindemann Barnett ’89, P’24, Co-Chair
Kathryn Quadracci Flores, M.D. ’90, P’25, Co-Chair

Women’s Leadership Council

Mandy J. N. Tachiki ’95, Co-Chair
Lauren J. Zucker ’91, P’23, Co-Chair